Elstone Real Estate has you covered with Free, No-Obligation Property Appraisals!

Thinking of selling your property? Looking to find out your property’s current market value? Perhaps you would like background information of real estate trends in your area?

Our Free Property Appraisals involve us providing a price that we believe your property is worth. This estimate is based on our years of experience in the real estate industry, knowledge of the local market and comparative sales in the district. Our Free Property Appraisals are an honest estimate of what we think your property will fetch on the open market, not some figure that we think you want to hear.

It must be noted that while we have decades of experience in the real estate sector around the Sunraysia region and know the industry intimately; we’re not licensed property valuers. For this reason, our free property appraisals are not considered a formal, legally binding Property Valuation.

For a free, no-obligation confidential appraisal on your property, please contact us at Elstone Real Estate and Water Broking or fill in the contact form and a member of the Elstone team will get back to you.